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Business Owner & Contact: Stacy Blowers
Spokane Operations Office
2010 N Madison Ave, Suite 200
Spokane, WA 99205

  • "Stacy's Marketing Design has helped our small business increase online Sales by 50%!"
  • "Stacy's eMail Campaign was an immediate success..."
  • "Stacy worked with us tirelessly to develop an integrated marketing strategy for our company..."
Thank you for your interest -- We are a Minority-Owned Women's Business, and greatly appreciate your patronage. Please contact us today for cost effective marketing strategy, design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web media.
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Industry-Recognized & Certified Spokane WA Web & Website Development company, specializing in cost-effective websites, wholesale hardware & software procurement, upgrades, PC Services, and custom-built computers & workstations. Based in Spokane & Post Falls, ID, we service Spokane Washington, Post Falls Idaho, Cour D Alene Idaho. We have some of the least expensive website options in the United States, including a 3-Page Website for $295 and a 5-Page Website for $495. We do onsite PC repair and service, as well as workstation training, technical writing, and project management. Call us to fix your PC today or do immediate website upgrades and changes! No service charge required for Spokane South Hill.